Hire Purchase.

A straightforward route to ownership. This is the perfect way to buy a Mercedes-Benz if you want to work your way up to full ownership, spreading the overall cost over a fixed term.

How Hire Purchase works.

Decide the amount you would like to put down as a deposit on your chosen vehicle and agree the term of your agreement. Then throughout the term of your agreement you pay the regular instalments over the agreed term until the remainder of its value is repaid.

Hire Purchase features include:
  • Once you have paid the option to purchase fee you will own the vehicle
  • Fixed regular payments means you can easily budget
  • A flexible deposit and repayment term means you can tailor the financial agreement to suit you
  • Monthly payments are not based on annual mileage
  • Manage your agreement online with Mercedes me finance, available via Mercedes me
At the end of your agreement.
Purchase your vehicle

Once your final payment is made as well as a nominal 'Option to Purchase Fee' of £10, you will own the vehicle outright.